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MBIE Contestable Funding Round Announced

The results of the latest MBIE annual contestable science funding round are out here. The results are very much in line with expectations set in the requests for proposals issued in November last year  (which have vanished from the MBIE website) but they do raise some issues of consistency of funding for important areas of…
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The National Statement of Science Priorities

[I am a big fan of The Conversation; on line comment and views from academics on news issues. Each article is preceded by a Disclosure Statement so here is mine – George Slim first worked in Government in 2003 when the priorities for science investment were: innovative industrial processing and manufacturing, product development, information and…
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Synthesising the Cure

The movie I was involved in a couple of years ago, the Cure, is finally out. It isn’t getting a general release in New Zealand but I think you can down-load it or buy the DVD from the website  and Wellingtonians can buy or rent from Aro Video here. And of course I recommend…
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Lego – the perils of open innovation

Some while ago now I casually, without quite enough thought, responded to a tweet from Souxie Wilesabout the lack of female figures in Lego. I suggested that she swap the hair, since it was pretty much the only distinguishing feature. In my defence I don’t think I was the only person who told her that.…
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