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NZ R&D Statistics Revised!

Disclosure Statement: George promised you he wouldn't bother you with the 2014 R&D Stats again but then, sorry, they revised them. And now he can't help himself.We'll keep it brief. So, when I rhetorically asked who cares about the R&D Stats when they first came out I didn't expect an answer. Even then it was…
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What about the Bioscience R&D then?

Disclosure statement: George worked with Statistics New Zealand on the former Bioscience Survey and, even if he was one of only three people who read it, as StatsNZ pointed out in binning it, he misses it. He is still prone to a getting a little of the glint of the ancient Mariner in his eye…
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2014 R&D Survey Results Out: who cares?

Disclosure Statement: George likes the R&D Survey because there is always one number in there you can use to prove your point. Were you aware that the Beverage and Tobacco Manufacturing sector was New Zealand’s most ambitious with 45% undertaking research to become a dominant player in the market? George also consults on R&D for…
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The Two Worst Decisions in New Zealand Science Funding Policy

Disclosure statement: George realised, late but a while ago now, that people can’t always tell when he’s joking. Which doesn’t mean things aren’t serious. He has always been a fan of Rudyard Kipling’s Just So Stories, particularly the one about the ‘Stute Fish and the suspenders and unintended consequences. The biggest problems in New Zealand…
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